Winsaf-TR performs one-dimensional consolidation analysis based on Terzaghi’s classical theory. The system can deal with the consolidation of a single layered system, a two-layered system, or a system with radial drainage. In the case of the single layer, the initial excess pore pressure can be uniform with depth, linearly varying with depth, sinusoidal with depth, or triangular with the peak value at the center of the layer. Drainage can be at the top, bottom, or both. Rectangular loads can vary with time: up to five loading steps are permitted. The solution for the two-layered system is the Gray-Barber analytical solution, not a numerical approximation. Drainage can be at the top and bottom or at the top only. The radial consolidation case uses the Barron-Richart equations for free strain around drains or wells. The system can also handle the case of combined vertical and radial consolidation of a single layer.

Many of these solutions are otherwise available only in archived journal articles and require considerable effort to obtain numerical results.